Offense tries to find rhythm

It's not often that fans see the Red Raiders throw five interceptions in a game. As a matter of fact it's an event that hadn't happened in thirteen years when quarterback B.J. Symons managed to lay claim to the rather dubious record. Despite the miscues, the Red Raiders came away with the win, and a trip to Waco could help the offense regain some confidence.

Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach was disappointed in B.J. Symons' first quarter performance, just like many fans. "I don't think B.J. and I, either one, are fans of his performance in the first quarter," said Coach Leach. Despite the early problems, Symons did recover to play a solid game in the final three quarters. Coach Leach challenged reporters to find another quarterback in the history of football who hasn't had a bad game. "I don't know anybody who hasn't struggled through something like that," said Coach Leach.

Despite the four interceptions to start the game, Leach was relatively calm when talking to Symons on the sideline. "You reserve yelling for if you're not giving great effort," said Leach. Even though he is happy with Symons' level of effort, Leach is concerned that all of the outside attention may be having a negative effect. In order to combat this potential problem, B.J. Symons is not allowed media contact until after the Baylor game. "I think he needs to think just about football," said Leach.

Even with the problems Symons has faced, it's important to remember how productive he has been. The senior quarterback passed for 399 yards, which broke a seven game streak of 400 yard games. Most quarterbacks would love to have a 7 game streak of 300 yard games. In addition to that impressive streak, Symons needs to average just 275 yards in the Red Raiders last three regular season games to break David Klinger's record for yards in a single season. When you consider that the Red Raiders are probably going to play in a bowl game, this record has little chance of surviving Symons' assault. In addition to the yardage, Symons has been responsible for 4.66 touchdowns per game. That puts Symons just a third of a touchdown per game behind the current record, also held by Klingler.

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