"My plan is to finish the season"

Quarterback B.J. Symons apparently aggravated his knee injury when the helmet of a Baylor player hit the knee in the third quarter of Saturday's game. Despite the injury, Symons is planning to start Saturday in Austin.

B.J. Symons knows he's hurt, but he also knows this weekend will be his only chance to play against the University of Texas, so he's going to do everything in his power to be on the field. "I just have to work hard all week. We're going to work hard all week to get me in the best condition I can possibly be in on Saturday. Right now, I'm just taking it day to day, and trying to make a little improvement each day and see how I feel," said Symons. Even though Symons plans to play on Saturday, he wasn't sure when he would start practicing again. ""Right now, I'm just taking it day to day," said Symons. Head Coach Mike Leach kept clear of any speculation about Symons' status. "I'm sure he'll play," said Coach Leach.

Entering the match-up with Texas, the Red Raiders have been given almost no chance of winning, even with Symons running the offense, but the Red Raiders aren't worried about the public's perception of the game, they are confident that they can win the game. "If we go out there and perform the way we can, on all three sides of the ball, then we realistically have a chance of winning the game if we just play well, and I think that's our motivation, not the lack of respect or odds on us not winning the game," said Symons. Symons seems to have accepted the fact that the Red Raiders don't have anything to lose at this point in the season. "We have nothing to lose these last two games, and we can go out there and lay it all on the line," said Symons. "I know personally, myself I'm not going to hold anything back and I don't want to have any regrets after the game, so I feel like that's the approach the team's going to take this weekend."

While Symons may not have much to lose, perhaps the biggest thing the Red Raiders can gain over the next two games is respect. A victory in either of these last games would help, as would Symons breaking either the NCAA passing yardage or touchdown records. Regardless of the final outcome of these last two games; Symons' performance has been nothing short of astounding. "I think it's impressive anyway you slice it. Whatever numbers he put up, he put up against one of the best schedules in the country. That's indisputable," said Coach Leach. "I love the system question. Well, why didn't your system allow your players to do that?"

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