New Mexico OL Back From UA Visit

Las Curces, New Mexico OL <b>Dillon Hansen</b> took his official visit to The University of Arizona and said he'd make an announcement pertaining to his choice of school after he returned...

So did the Lac Cruces prep (Dillon Hansen) pick the Red Raiders? Or did he choose the Wildcats?

"He's in bed right now," said Dillon's father Steven Hansen. "And he's going to take a couple of days before making up his mind."

His father also said a decision could come as soon as Tuesday.

So how 'bout that jaunt to Tuscon?

"The trip to U of A was great," his father said. "There were several positives."

Of course, there's a new sherriff in town.

"He spent a lot of time with (Arizona HC) Mike Stoops and his brother (Arizona DC Mark Stoops)," Hansen said. "He spent time with all the staff. They've got things rollin'."

"But right now," he continued, "Dillon's kind of stressed about making a decision and needs a couple of days to think things over."

We, obviously, understand and will check back in a couple as this appears to be a very tough decision. According to his father, he can't go wrong with either program.

So stay tuned...

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