Bullitt's Father Comments On Son's Status

Caught up with Brad Bullitt's father to assess the likelihood of Texas Tech's chances in securing the services of his son and his thoughts on their visit to Lubbock...

"He really enjoyed it," Mr. Bullitt said. "He was the only recruit there, so the Texas Tech coaches got to spend a lot of time with him. And they did."

Of course, going into the weekend official, the Garland Naaman Forest linebacker had yet to be tendered an official 'ship from Mike Leach and Gang...

"Yeah, but we had a feeling they were going to offer once we got there," Bullitt said. "And Coach Leach said they wanted to do it in person and that's what they did. They said they really wanted my son -- thought he could make an impact on their defense."

But do the Red Raiders really have a shot?

"Yes they do," Bullitt said. "He's kind of confused right now on what he wants to do. I gotta feeling he'll go to either Texas Tech or Baylor -- one of those two."

But another trip or two could be on the agenda, right?

"I kinda don't think he's going to take anymore. He's got a few weeks in January I guess he could use to take additional visits, and you never know, but I think he's going to decide pretty soon."

Bullitt also said that the Red Raider coaches told his son to give them a call in a few days after thinking his newest offer/option over...

"One team's ready to challenge for conference championships, the other is improving. We'll see which team my son decides to choose."

Yes we certainly will.

And possibly in just a few days...

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