Does Tech Have A Shot At Jamario Thomas?

Longview Spring Hill RB <b>Jamario Thomas</b> is about as elusive off the field as he is on it. However, we caught the Texas Hot 100 prospect long enough to grab a top three...

As Signing Day ('04) draws near, Thomas said "Arkansas, Texas Tech and Mississippi State are the three I can name".

He followed that up with: "And a bunch of other schools after that."

Surprisingly, the 2/3-star tailback prospect -- who finished No. 3 in the 200 meter state finals last years as a junior -- said no official visits have been scheduled. Kid's playing it real cool even saying he may wait another week or two before even deciding to embark on a trip...

"My girlfriend wants me to hurry up and pick one," Thomas said. "But I might wait till I take some visits."

Clock's ticking...

Dean: So what's got you talking Razorbacks?

JT: I just like Arkansas. I don't know, I just like them, I guess. And their coaches are pretty nice.

Dean: Red Raiders...

JT: They don't run the ball all the time. I know I could catch passes out of the backfield, I did that in our offense. But I would want them to keep feeding me the ball (on the ground).

Dean: The Bulldogs?

JT: I don't know. They have a good offense and I think I just go there and do good at Mississippi State.

So who's been showing love?

I've heard from Arkansas and Texas Tech. But I haven't heard from Mississippi State in a long time."

Thomas, who also competes in power-lifting, claims a 320 bench and a 560 squat. But that's not keeping teammate and Texas Tech verbal David Chatterton off of him...

"He's trying to get me to go to Lubbock," Thomas said. "And he's always clowin' with me about it."

But will that be enough for the Scarlet and Black?

Or does he land in Fayetteville?

Perhaps he picks one of those "bunch of schools" behind the big three...

We'll be on top of it.

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