Filling big shoes

Sophomore Jametra Clark entered this season with the Task of filling the void left by the graduation of Plenette Pierson. After a somewhat slow start, Clark has averaged more than 15 points in the last four games. With her improvement, Clark looks to figure prominently in the Lady Raiders' chances at a Big Twelve Championship.

Jametra Clark wasn't playing bad early in the season, but she wasn't performing at the level necessary for her to be a major contributor to the Texas Tech post game. Then, almost like magic, Jametra Clark started putting up big numbers in games. "It's sort of like a light bulb came on at the Stanford game," said Texas Tech Head Coach Marsha Sharp. Following the 11 point performance, Clark has made improvements every game. "I think sometimes that happens. You just have to get a certain amount of experience, particularly when you're an undersized post player," said Coach Sharp. "You have to really find some confidence in being able to jump up and shoot over people bigger than you are."

Clark tells a similar story. "Pretty much after the Stanford game, my confidence has been better. My confidence level wasn't that great at the beginning of the year," said Clark. That confidence has definitely been noticed by Coach Sharp. "I think she's probably more confident right now than she's ever been in her career at Tech," said Coach Sharp. This confidence has been most noticeable on the offensive end of the floor, where Clark has translated it into a wealth of points. "A lot of times scoring is all about confidence," said Coach Sharp. The lack of confidence seems to have come mostly from Clark herself, who knew she had a big role to fill after Plenette Pierson graduated. "I was just being hard on myself, now I'm being a little more relaxed on the court and letting the game come to me," said Clark. The improvements aren't just limited to the offensive end of the court though. "I think her whole mentality on the floor has changed because of it," said Coach Sharp. "She's playing better defense, she's really attacking the boards, and running he floor hard."

Jametra Clark and the Lady Raiders are ready to prove themselves against the toughest conference in the nation. "We're looking forward to it," said Clark. She knows that every team they play will be taking their best shot at the top ranked Lady Raiders. "Going in there as the number one team, everyone's going to be out to knock us down. We know we have to play hard and be aggressive," said Clark. Even with the polls split about who is the number one team, that isn't affecting the Lady Raiders. "We all believe that we are the number one team. They have us at number two and stuff right now, but we're playing like we're the number one team," said Clark. Even with the top ranking, and her newfound success, Clark is still lookinf to improve in one area especially. "Rebounding, that's one of my weaknesses right now. I want to get better at that," said Clark. If Clark improves her rebounding, the rest of the country will have to take notice of the latest breakout post player at Texas Tech.

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