Recruiting: NW Miss DC Jeff Byrd Talks Prospects

<b>Terrence Smith</b> has been a topic of speculation regarding academics, but N.W. Mississippi DC <b>Jeff Byrd</b> had something to say about that as well as the outlook on DT <b>Chris Herring</b> and WR <b>John Harris</b>...

"He has a chance to graduate," Byrd said about Terrence Smith.

Despite rumors and rampant speculation suggesting the linebacker may not make it to D-I, Byrd reiterated, "He's got a chance to graduate."

Asked about Chris Herring, Byrd said, "He enrolled in Ole Miss probably because it was the easiest thing for him. Since he initially signed with those guys, he didn't have to graduate in order to join them in the Spring."

And John Harris?

"He's probably going to the Canadian Football League."

Byrd also added that Chris Turner did in fact commit to Alabama...

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