Tim Henderson Decides To Think Things Over

Caught up with <b>Lavert Henderson</b> (Tim <b>Henderson's</b> father) to grab the latest on his son's back-and-forth commitment process...

"Tim did not make an announcement toady," Henderson said. "He's having a tough time picking the school he wants to attend. He's received so many phone calls about this that it's just worn him out."

Oftentimes, making a decision on where you want to spend the next four-five years of your life can be rather difficult. And that just happens to be the case regarding the Shreveport Evangel OL.

So what happens now?

"The Ole Miss and Texas Tech coaches are setting up in-home visits," he said. "Texas Tech will be here tonight and Ole Miss will be here this coming Sunday."

With neither program ready to concede defeat, this one very well could go on for a bit longer.

Ladies and gentlemen, we've got ourselves a story to chase, perhaps all the way till Signing Day '04!

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