Lady Raiders looking to move on

Following a disappointing loss to the Iowa State Cyclones, the Texas Tech Lady Raiders are ready to learn from their mistakes and move onto the next test in their Big Twelve schedule. That next test will feature the Baylor Bears, who are fresh off a fourteen point victory over a third ranked Texas team.

The Lady Raiders certainly aren't happy about Wednesday's result, but they know they need to move on. "Everyone is definitely upset about the loss, and you can look back and say could've, should've, would've to a thousand things. Basically we all want to put it behind us and look to Baylor," said Senior Jolee Ayers-Curry. The game also shows the depth of the Big Twelve. "That's just a great example of being ready to play night in and night out, and how tough things can be in the Big Twelve," said Ayers-Curry. The Lady Raiders' loss was just one of two big losses on the night. In Waco, third ranked Texas fell to Baylor, proving that there are no easy road wins in the Big Twelve. "Every schedule that everyone has in the Big Twelve, you know they're going to have a tough road schedule," said Ayers-Curry. Ayers-Curry seems sure that the Lady Raiders just need to work on becoming a better road team. "It's really hard to go win games on the road, but that's just something we need to focus on," said Ayers-Curry. While there is no such thing as a good loss, this loss might have a positive effect. "Maybe this was a good kind of wakeup call, just to get ready to play on the road better," said Ayers-Curry. "It's something that it's better it happened early, than in the NCAA's or something."

Texas Tech players know exactly what went wrong in the game; they just need to figure out how to eliminate those problems. "We weren't really hitting that well on offense, and we needed to step it up with our defense, but it didn't happen at times. We missed a lot of free throws and made some mistakes, but it gives us a lot to work on, and a lot to focus on," said Ayers-Curry. The key to making their offense work against a defense like Iowa State is patience, something that Texas Tech lacked in the loss. "We really need to move the ball around and find good shots," said Ayers-Curry. "A couple of times last night we found some good shots, or we didn't shoot the ones we had open."

With the loss already on the books, the Lady Raiders have only one thing in mind. "Hopefully we can refocus and get ready for Baylor," said Ayers Curry. Texas Tech players know just how dangerous Baylor can be. A underrated Baylor team won in the last meeting between the two teams. "Baylor is a great team every year whether they're ranked in the top twenty-five or not, you've got to watch out for them," said Ayers-Curry. Baylor will play an aggressive style in the paint if the officials allow it to happen. Ayers-Curry says that the post players will have to be ready for the challenge. According to Ayers-Curry there are two keys to winning the Baylor game. "We need to focus on game plan, and try to put that Iowa State loss behind us," said Ayers-Curry.

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