Texas Tech Starts Weekend Off With A Bang

La Marque OT <b>Jared Williams</b> pulled the commitment trigger adding yet another O-line body to the Texas Tech fray.

"I felt like I just belonged there," Jared Williams said. "It felt just like the way it does at La Marque."

Williams' player host was E.J. Whitley who hails from Texas City, a place Williams also resided before moving to La Marque.

"I'm originally from there and we went to high school together," he said.

As for how it went down?

While talking on the phone with his father and sitting in front of Texas Tech's assistant head coach and recruiting coordinator, Williams said, "I just told my dad that I wanted to commit there and Coach (Ruffin) McNeill and (Dennis) Simmons heard me. They were excited. And said they were glad to have me."

But what about that scheduled visit to Missouri?

"I'm committed to Texas Tech and will not take any more visits."

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