And The Commitment Party Continues

We spoke with <b>Shannon Woods</b>, RB from North McKinney High to get the latest on his visit to Lubbock...

Texas Top 100 prospect Shannon Woods must have enjoyed his visit because he committed to the Red Raiders becoming the fourth to do so.

Woods flew in late Saturday afternoon due to his participation in the Coca-Cola All-Star game played in Denton.

"I had a great time and I think I fit in really well there," said Woods.

The major renovations that the football facilities have undergone over the past few years did not go unnoticed by Shannon.

"They have great facilities and their new workout facilities are awesome," said the 5-10.5, 190-pound ball of muscle.

Playing in Mike Leach's top-ranked offense is something that definitely appeals to state's No. 88.

"I think it will be really fun to play running back in that offense," Woods said. "In that offense the back gets a lot of touches. I think I'll fit in perfectly."

He also mentioned that he liked the atmosphere of the programs and its "laid back coaches."

Good news for Texas Tech alumni/fans continued when Shannon told TheInsiders that he would not take anymore visits due to his commitment being rock-solid.

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