Gainesville Prep Talks Recruiting/Decision

<b>Darcel McBath</b> has had a hectic couple of weeks. With scheduled visits to Texas Tech, Texas A&M and Notre Dame in the past week, we had a lot of catching up to do. First thing to report is that Darcel did not make it to South Bend. But will he reschedule that visit? Or does it even matter at this point in his decision-making process? That and a lot more below...

Quite fond of Tyrone Willingham and the Fightin' Irish program in previous updates, will the three-star athlete find a way to get up to Notre Dame?

"No, I have pretty much decided where I want to go and I'll make it official on Tuesday," McBath said.

Let's examine the 6-0, 175-pounder's top two at this juncture...

The Gainesville stud who recently took official visits to both Texas Tech and Texas A&M last week had this to say about his stay in College Station early last week: "It was a good visit, got to meet a lot of people, you know, just stuff you do on a visit."

According to McBath, Texas A&M HCDennis Franchione will be making an in-house visit tomorrow.

McBath said his decision came down to depth charts/academics and location.

At this point, regarding playing time, it appears he's leaning toward the Red Raider secondary.

"The Aggies have four corners committed but I also don't mind competing either," he said. "Depth can only make the team stronger."

McBath also enjoyed his visit to Lubbock (1/16) and gave us more on that recent trip as well: "I had a lot of fun and felt really comfortable there. I've competed against Anthony Hines in basketball for three years so I was excited to hear that he was visiting when I was -- I think he'd make a great teammate."

The standout corner/wide receiver/return specialist said he spent the majority of his time touring the Texas Tech facilities and hanging out with Hines.

Darcel said his decision came down to Texas Tech and Texas A&M as Oklahoma State currently stands No. 3 while Notre Dame (who will not get the opportunity to host McBath) is out of the picture.

Announcement/Decision Date: "I'll make it official Tuesday."

We'll keep you up to date as the news breaks.

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