Robertson tries to put Stillwater behind her

Alesha Robertson may have had a career day against Oklahoma state, but you wouldn't know it from talking to her. Even with Robertson's 27 points, the Lady Raiders lost by a point in double overtime.

Alesha Robertson's thoughts on the game were indicative of how tough the loss was for Texas Tech. "Oh man," said Robertson. "I guess we're going to have those kind of games going into other places." What is it about road games that is making life so difficult for the Lady Raiders. "Of course it's going to be harder going to other places because of the crowds and stuff," said Robertson. That isn't an excuse though, Robertson knows that it's just another hurdle for Texas Tech to overcome. "We've got to learn to look past that and we've got to learn that we're not going to have the crowd with us every time," said Robertson. "We've got to be motivated, find motivation, to beat the other team."

On Saturday, the biggest problem was the shooting of the Cowgirls, who hit 55% of their shots. "They were hitting everything they put up first of all," said Robertson. Even with their solid shooting, Robertson thinks that she could have turned the game around. "I could have put the game away early and I'm kind of kicking myself in the butt for that," said Robertson. She also wants to continue to improve her defensive play, especially the defensive switches that are such a key part of the Lady Raiders' defense. "I need to work on a few defensive things like switching," said Robertson. The other struggle is trying to replace Jia Perkins on the defensive end of the court. "Without Jia we've got to learn to step up in her position," said Robertson.

Even though she is disappointed in her performance on Saturday, Robertson knows that she can't dwell on the loss. "I've just got to look past that and move on to A&M," said Robertson. Texas A&M will certainly be a challenge. Texas A&M has taken teams like Oklahoma and Texas to the limit this season. "They may be the most athletic team in our conference," said Texas Tech Head Coach Marsha Sharp. While their athleticism is a big asset, this team has much of the same talent as last season, the difference is the way that their new coaching staff has them playing. "I think they're playing much harder and much smarter than they were a year ago with the same athletes," said Coach Sharp. Robertson is very aware of the threat that this A&M team poses. "They haven't been the highest ranked team, but they are a team to watch out for. I don't think we should underestimate them in any way," said Robertson.

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