Scoop On The Reedley Five

Unless your significant other has banned you from RaiderPower or you didn't pay the cable/phone bill this month, you may have missed the news that 4/5-star JUCO QB <b>Robert Johnson</b> is already on campus. But what about the other four? We caught up with Reedley college head coach <b>Michael White</b> to grab some additional skinny...

While Robert Johnson is on campus as we speak, Reedley's head man said LB Sylvester Brinkley is also in Lubbock "getting adjusted." As for the others, it looks like DE Charlie Glover should be "arriving in about a week or so" and safety Dwayne Slay will hit the South Pains running this summer.

The only player who may not make it in?

DT/NT Marcus Campbell who needs to make some serious gains folks. But that's not stopping his coach from sharing a more optimistic outlook for the men, women and children bleedin' Raider Red...

"We expect Campbell to take care of business so he can be ready for the fall," Reedley HC White said. "He can do it."

Make no mistake about it, there are some concerns regarding the playing future of Campbell in a Scarlet and Black uni.

Having said that, the other four standouts appear to be on schedule, at least with regard to showing up no later than next fall.

Coming soon: More from White on the secrets to their recent JUCO success and the Texas Tech connection.

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