Red Raider QB Talks Early Going

The newest quarterback sensation <b>Robert Johnson</b> caught us up on how things have been going since his arrival in Lubbock and we wanted to bring that to you now...

"Things are going great so far," the Texas Tech QB in training said. "I've been real busy with classes and my workouts but other than that I'm adjusting well."

Now on campus and poring over stacks of film, anything standing out to the signal caller from Americus Georgia?

"I noticed that most of the defenses were droppin' eight guys in coverage against us," an excited Johnson said. "When I see that, I'm gonna be taken off down the field. You see, teams are running a lot of cover-2/man-under, so there is gonna be some running lanes. Last year, at Reedley, I didn't run a lot, but I'm sure I will take off a little more this year in situations similar to what I've seen in film study and when I have to."

Described by some as a taller (but better passer) Seneca Wallace, the all-star talent is a dual-threat who can hurt you in so many different ways.

"We've got a lot of good receivers coming back, and we have picked up some good young guy's like L.A. Reed, Danny Amendola, Anthony Jenkins and I'm also looking forward to throwing to Marquis Johnson, so we'll be ready."

Several prognosticators will tell you the Red Raider D must improve, but the offense will also need to gel quickly in order to compete for a conference championship next year.

R.J. weighed in on that...

"Well, we have to come out fast, get some wins under our belt, then we can start thinking about making a run at the Big 12 title." No doubt...

"Our defense was young last year, but with the guys we have here and my boys from Reedley coming in, I think we can get the job done. Our defense is gonna come up big this year."

Johnson, a 36-1 record over the last 3 years as a starting quarteback, should not be taken lightly. Swagger is contagious and he brings plenty of it.

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