Texas Tech signs 23

The Texas Tech Red Raiders wrapped up the recruiting schedule by signing 23 players on National Signing Day. The class consists of eighteen high school seniors and five junior college transfers. The 2004 class of Red Raiders also includes two players who enrolled at Texas Tech on January, bringing the total number of newcomers to 25.

Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach started the press conference by praising the efforts of the Texas tech administration. "I applaud the efforts of Chancellor Smith and Gerald Meyers in moving this program forward," said Coach Leach. He also praised everybody involved in the recruiting process. "I really am impressed, and appreciative of the efforts of our staff in putting together this recruiting class," said Coach Leach. "I think this is the best class since I've been here at Tech."

Coach Leach offered his views on a number of players. We'll start with offense. Coach Leach was high on Danny Amendola. "Caught a bunch of balls. I think in a lot of ways was the feature player on that team, and has been for several years. Just a great receiver as far as acrobatic catches, possession, consistency, all those things you look for," said Coach Leach. The sole freshman quarterback of this class was Graham Harrell, who reminds Coach Leach of a famous Red Raider. "Graham even physically and demeanor-wise reminds me of Kliff Kingsbury," said Coach Leach. Marquis Johnson was one of the top JUCO wide receiver prospects in the country. "When he came out of high school, maybe the most decorated receiver of that year. signed with Texas and went to JC. Big physical, prototype receiver," said Coach Leach. Perhaps the signee with the most interest from fans is the possible replacement to B.J. Symons, Robert Johnson. "Good arm, strong arm. Besides being a really good quarterback as far as throwing the football, moves around really well. He's got as good a feet as anybody I've been involved with," said Coach Leach.

This class might have had some big names on offense, but one of the keys to the Red Raiders' success will be the performance of the defensive players in this class. JUCO defensive lineman Deke Bake was one of the top players in this defensive clas. "One of the things I think most impresses is how his motor works. One of those guys that plays completely to the whistle with a great level of intensity," said Coach Leach. Marcus Smith was the other defensive player to receive lots of praise from Coach Leach. "The best physical highlight tape I've ever seen in my life is Marcus Smith. Marcus Smith played running back and linebacker and was a very physical guy," said Coach Leach.

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