DeMarcus Granger-Part 2

When you think of Dallas Kimball football, one of the first names that will pop to mind is <b>DeMarcus Granger</b>.

DeMarcus Granger absolutely shredded opposing offensive lines as a junior, tallying 68 tackles, 17 sacks and while forcing an eye-popping 11 fumbles. (Six of which he recovered himself.)

Granger, ranked sixth in the state of Texas by TheInsiders, is sure to be one of the most highly sought players in the country next year. Who has the interior defender's attention early in the recruiting process?

"I'm interested in OU, UT, Texas A&M, Kansas, Miami, Tennessee and Baylor," said the Kimball standout defender.

According to Granger, he already has offers from "UT, Tennessee and Texas A&M."

He added another yesterday in the form of a certified letter from Baylor. Sitting in the coaches office and looking over the mail, I saw the one from Baylor with my own two eyes. At any rate, we'll keep you abreast.

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