Finding offense

The Texas Tech Lady Raiders looked to be back on track following a victory at Baylor, but following a short turnaround, Oklahoma upset Texas Tech in Lubbock. One of the key reasons for the loss was lack of consistent offense, something the Lady Raiders have struggled with since the departure of Jia Perkins. Texas Tech has made some changes, but is it enough?

It didn't take freshman Alesha Robertson long to step into the leading scorer role once Perkins left the team, but it also didn't take opposing coaches to realize who the new go to player was for Coach Marsha sharp and the Lady Raiders. Teams have begun to make Robertson the focal point of their offense, leading to some tough times for the freshman guard. Opposing teams have decided to have one defender track Robertson no matter where she goes. Even with the eyes of the defense on her, Robertson is able to get her points, as she showed when she scored 9 early points against Oklahoma. Her presence on the court is essential, even if she isn't getting many shots, because she will occupy at least one defender every offensive trip.

The other key player in the Texas Tech offense is point guard Erin Grant. Grant is well known for her passing, but she has shown her ability to score when necessary, including two big games against Texas. Grant can gain penetration against any defender in the country, as she showed against Oklahoma, when she scored at will in the final two minutes. Grants role has certainly been important, but the sophomore needs to score even more points earlier in the game. Grant has the ability to take over a game, and if she can score early, her assist numbers will surely skyrocket late in games.

The biggest question mark on offense is the post players. Oklahoma used a sagging defense to shut down the Texas Tech post game. The obvious candidates for scoring potential are LaToya Davis and Jametra Clark. Both players have shown an ability to score against a variety of defenses. The only question nwith these two is their defensive ability. Casey Jackson is a difference maker at times, but her size is a limiting factor, especially against teams that have a powerful post game. Greenwalt and Ayers-Curry have had good games on offense, but their biggest contribution is on the defensive end. Both players like to take jumpers from ten to fifteen feet out, which is hard to do against a sagging defense. Someone in this group of five players has to step up and create offense if the Lady Raiders are going to have any success in the post season.

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