Junior Report: Malcolm Kelly

Texas Hot 100 prospect <b>Malcolm Kelly</b> has been drawing comparisons to Odessa Permian and Texas Longhorn standout WR <b>Roy Williams</b> the last couple of years. District rival Tyler Lee head coach <b>Mike Owens</b> said, "I've been coaching 25 years and I've never seen a wideout better than Kelly."

Recently eye-balled, the Lone Star State's current No. 3 prospect is definitely 6-foot-3 and actually closer to the 6-4 we're now listing him at.

"I'm actually 6-3 and 5/8 of an inch without shoes on," the Longview HS prep said.

Round that up and you can call the kid 6-4 -- which affords him a considerable advantage over the smallish defensive backs out there.

"I went to the UT junior day and stood next to Roy Williams," Kelly said about the Longhorn wideout he likens his game to and idolizes. "I was surprised that I was actually taller than him -- visibly taller."

Kelly said he patterns his game after Terrell Owens in the NFL as well.

"Roy and TO just have the attitude to get every yard they can and that it's going to take a lot more than one guy to bring them down. I like that," he said.

Kelly's older brother Chris Butcher played for Texas back in the 90s...

The pass-catcher deluxe, despite double- and triple-team coverage, caught 26 balls for 826 yards, averaging a ridiculous 30-plus yards per reception...

Got two words for ya: Play maker

His top seven schools are as follows: "USC, LSU, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech, Tennessee and Miami."

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