Junior Report: Alief Elsik ATH Morris Crosby

Alief Elsik's <b>Morris Crosby</b> is one of the top junior athletes for the 2005 season. We caught up with him for a quick chat and to see who he's favoring at this point in the recruiting game.

But first, a little more background on the 5-9, 180-pound prep. Morris Crosby, the exciting senior-to-be QB in high school, projects as a CB/WR in college.

Clocking anywhere from a 4.45 to 4.5 forty, he excels in track as well...

Aaron Johnson: Who's been recruiting you the hardest?

Morris Crosby: Iowa. They have been calling and sending mail.

A.J.: Have you received any offers?

MC: Iowa asked me to vebally commit but I have no papers yet.

AJ: What are some of the schools that you're looking at in addition to Iowa?

MC: Everybody. I like Texas, OU, Texas A&M, Houston, Texas Tech and Baylor.

AJ: Give me a one-liner on the various schools you just mentioned. What do you think about Texas?

MC: I'd love to go to Texas and would play anywhere they'd want me to play.

AJ: What about Texas Tech?

MC: They're alright. I'd go there.

AJ: And Texas A&M?

MC: I would like to go there.

AJ: Baylor...

MC: Umm...I could go there.

AJ: Houston?

MC: I'd like to play in front of my hometown.

AJ: Oklahoma...

MC: I'd definitely play there if I got the chance.

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