Junior Report: Longview CB Corderra Hunter

Longview has its fair share of D-I prospects this year. And while we've already taken a look at WR <b>Malcolm Kelly</b> and DE <b>Roderick Allen</b>, let's talk potential big-time cornerback prospect <b>Corderra Hunter</b>.

There's still a few more Longview athletes to talk about, but Corderra Hunter may be one of the top cornerback prospects in the state this recruiting season.

Recently eyeballed, he's every bit the 6-0/6-0.5 we're listing him at. And a solid 180-185 pounds on his frame. In terms of speed, he claims he can run a best average forty time of 4.45, saying his fastest was a 4.4. Kid took second place in the 200 meters in regionals and eighth at state as a sophomore, not to mention chips in on a couple of the relay events.

So who's sending the most mail?

"Oklahoma, Notre Dame, TCU, Louisiana Monroe and Texas Tech," Hunter said before adding, "I think most of that is for track though."

Those same schools might want to grab a look at his defensive back skills.

"I'm going to try to do both," he said on whether he'd go football or track. "I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. Whichever one I'm the best at, that's the one I'll do..."

His early favorites?

"Texas, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor, TCU, North Texas and Miami."

Thoughts on Texas?

"Their football team is one of the best. And they just have a great athletic program in everything."

Notre Dame...

"I guess it's the Bobby Taylor thing [laughing]. I don't know. There's a lot of people who are telling me if I get a chance to go, I should. Only the best go there."

Texas A&M?

"I just like their football team and everything about it."


"I have a friend (Will Andrews) who goes there and he said their program is on the rise."


"Have a friend that goes there, Robert Hansen, and he said the TCU coaches were telling him about me and that they want to talk to me. So that's got me interested in them."

North Texas...

"They have a good athletic program. And they've been sending me a lot of mail."


"I just like their team."


"I don't know too much about their football team. Would like to learn more about them. I'm interested in them and they're close to home."

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