Who gets a bye?

With just one game to go in the regular season, there are several teams still fighting to secure a bye in the upcoming Big Twelve Women's Basketball Tournament. Who will get an extra day of rest? More importantly, where do the Lady raiders fit into all of this? Read on as we decipher the Big Twelve tiebreakers that will decide which teams get a bye.

Right now, the Big Twelve standings are fairly easy to understand at the top of the division. Kansas State (13-1) and Texas (12-2) are the only teams that still have a chance of winning the Big Twelve's regular season title. Both teams play each other later this afternoon, with the title on the line. A win by Kansas State clinches an outright conference championship for the Wildcats. If Texas wins the Lady Longhorns will move into a tie for first place, and into control of the championship picture. In this situation a win by Texas against Oklahoma will guarantee Texas at least a share of the championship and a number one seed in the Big Twelve tournament. If Texas were to beat Kansas State, but lose to Oklahoma, Kansas State could win the title with a win over Texas Tech.

Things become a little more muddled when you look at the final two byes. Texas Tech (10-5) and Colorado (10-5) are tied, just one game ahead of Oklahoma (9-6) and Baylor (9-6). This scenario could be easy, but there is a good chance that tie breakers will become crucial. The simplest scenario would be for Texas Tech and Colorado to win on Wednesday. This would tie the teams for third place in the conference. Texas Tech would be the third seed in the tournament by virtue of their victory over the Buffaloes on Saturday, while Colorado would claim the fourth seed. The other way this scenario could play out is if Baylor and Oklahoma lose. Then Colorado and Texas Tech would be in possession of the third and fourth seeds, with the positioning being determined on Wednesday. Things begin to get complicated if Texas Tech loses. A Lady Raider loss brings up the possibility of a three or four way tie. If Texas Tech loses and both Oklahoma and Baylor win then the three way tie would determine which team received the fourth and final bye. The first step in the tie-breaker is a mini round robin between the teams. Texas Tech is 2-2 against the other two teams. Oklahoma is also 2-2 against the other teams. Baylor is 2-2 in this round robin as well. The next tie-breaker is record within the Big Twelve South. Texas Tech is 6-4 against the big Twelve South. If Oklahoma wins on Wednesday they would have a 7-3 Big Twelve South record. If Baylor wins on Wednesday they would also have a 7-3 record. This would move Texas Tech to the sixth seed in the tournament. Baylor would finish ahead of Oklahoma by virtue of their two victories over the Sooners, giving Baylor the fourth seed and Oklahoma the fifth. If Oklahoma loses to Texas, then Texas Tech would be fourth due to their two wins over the Lady Bears. A Baylor loss and Oklahoma win would place the Lady Raiders in the fifth spot because of the Sooners 2-0 record against Texas Tech. Colorado could make things a little more interesting if they lose and force a four way tie, but even in that scenario Texas Tech would still not get a bye.

Here is what needs to happen for Texas Tech to finish in various positions.

Third Seed

Texas Tech win
Texas Tech loss, Colorado loss, and Oklahoma loss

Fourth Seed

Texas Tech loss, Oklahoma win, Colorado loss and Baylor loss
Texas Tech loss, Colorado win, Baylor win, and Oklahoma loss

Fifth seed

Texas Tech loss, Colorado win, Oklahoma win, and Baylor loss

Sixth seed

Oklahoma win, and Baylor win

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