Carlos Francis impresses in Indy

Texas Tech fans have known how good Carlos Francis was for four seasons, but with his recent performances in the combine, the former Texas Tech receiver has opened some eyes in the NFL as well.

It's not unusual to see a player go to the NFL combine in Indianapolis and lose some time in forty compared to what he was reported to run in college. What is unusual is to see a player go into the combine and run just as fast as he was timed in college. Carlos Francis did just that, running a 4.28 forty which he backed up with a second run at 4.31 according to reports from the combine. The times were the fastest of the combine, and are part of the reason that Francis has become a hot commodity in the NFL. Francis' speed shouldn't surprise many people since he anchored the Texas Tech 4x100 relay team in addition to his duties for the Red Raider football team.

Another area where Francis excelled was in the drills. His route running and catching ability were certainly impressive in college, and finally NFL scouts are beginning to notice that Francis has excellent technique that should be an asset in the professional ranks. This performance has helped to eliminate some of the talk about the system giving Francis his numbers in college. If anything playing in this system has forced Francis to be a better receiver than he would otherwise be. Head Coach Mike Leach's offense depends on precision from its receivers, something that is stressed in every practice. Unfortunately people seem to have short memories in that regard, so future receivers from Texas Tech will have to prove themselves all over again.

The other problem Francis faces is his height. An impressive vertical leap at the combine has helped alleviate some of that concern though. All of a sudden Carlos Francis has become an extremely attractive pick for teams in the market for a slot receiver. That will be a change from his role at Texas Tech, but he certainly has all of the tools to make it in the slot position. His toughness is unquestionable, as it's been nearly impossible to keep Francis out of a game after the most vicious of hits. If nothing Francis has the mentality to make it in the NFL. Never one to give anything but his best effort, his dedication could make him a valuable commodity in a league that has an increasing number of players with a less than impressive work ethic.

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