Texas Tech to face Colorado in Dallas

The Texas Tech Red Raiders finished the season with a pair of wins, and were rewarded with a first round bye in the Big Twelve Tournament. After a day of rest during the first day of the tournament, the Red Raiders will have to face the Colorado Buffaloes, a team they lost to earlier in the season.

Texas Tech lost in Boulder on February 18th, but a road loss isn't anything to be too concerned about in the Big Twelve. What should be a concern for Texas Tech is how Colorado won the game. David Harrison was the key to the 85-75 loss, as the seven footer controlled the paint on both ends of the floor. ``Harrison hurt us,'' Texas Tech coach Bob Knight said. ``He played really well. This was as good as I've seen him play.''

The question is if the Red Raiders can find a way to slow down Harrison. Robert Tomaszek tried to slow down Harrison, but he was no match for the talented big man who was able to make shots while being closely defended. The improved play of Devon Giles may lend a helping hand, but more than likely it will take a team effort to stop Harrison. If the Red Raiders can limit the scoring of Harrison it is unlikely the Buffaloes can find enough scoring to beat Texas Tech.

Another key for the Red Raiders will be balanced offensive scoring. While Emmett can, and probably will, score more than twenty points, it is going to take a second and third scorer for Texas Tech to make it past their tough second round matchup. Ross and Jackson are the most likely candidates, both having scored in double figures in the last two games. It would be nice to see some offensive production form the post players, which might put Harrison into foul trouble. If Giles or Tomaszek can put up 15 or more points, Texas Tech will have an excellent chance of wining the game.

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