Red Raiders to face Charlotte

After a strong finish in Big Twelve play, the Texas Tech Red raiders are headed to Buffalo, New York as the number eight seed in the East Rutherford region. The Red raiders will face Charlotte in their first round game.

After a turbulent conference schedule that saw Texas Tech go from a lock for the tournament to a bubble team to a lock once again, the Red Raiders will gladly take the eighth seed. Charlotte poses an interesting matchup, but the Red Raiders should matchup favorably. The Red Raiders' most serious deficiency is the lack of strength inside, especially with Tomaszek's status in question. Texas Tech should be able to defeat Charlotte, who is more of a perimeter oriented team than most. If Texas Tech can make it past Charlotte, the tornament could become very interesting for Red Raider fans.

The second round matchup would probably pit Texas Tech against the #1 seed St. Joe's. After nearly going undefeated, St. Joe's was a debateable #1 seed. More importantly they have no inside game to speak of, something that plays into the hands of Texas Tech and Coach Bob Knight. While the potential for the upset is there, the Red Raiders will have to deal with a hostile Buffalo crowd in addition to the deadly outside game of St. Joes.

If the Red Raiders make it to the Sweet 16 it will all come down to who they face. Texas Tech will matchup fine against any team that doesn't have a dominant inside game. If the Red Raiders take care of their own games, they will matchup favorably against almost every team in the East Rutherford region. How far can they go? That just might come down to three factors. Andre Emmett, Tomaszek's health, and Bob Knight's gameplans.

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