Gilmer WR Looking At Texas Tech

Gilmer, Texas WR <b>Manuel Johnson</b> isn't missing much in the production department after grabbing 85 passes for nearly 1,400 yards and visiting the end zone 15 times. TheInsiders talked with Texas Hot 100 No. 18 to grab a quick report on his recruitment thus far.

John Alves: What do you think your strengths are on the football field?

Manuel Johnson: I have sure hands. I think I'm a good "go to" guy on third down. And, I run good routes. I'm not the fastest receiver out there so I have to run good routes to get seperation.

JA: What do you need to work on?

MJ: My body strength. And, I am working on being a better downfield blocker.

JA: What schools have been showing the most interest in you?

MJ: Right now, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, OSU, A&M and Texas have been showing the most interest.

JA: Any solid offers yet?

MJ: Not yet.

JA: Out of those five, what two are your favorites?

MJ: Oklahoma and Texas Tech. I like the way they throw the ball around the field.

JA: What post season honors did you get last season?

MJ: I was 2nd-team all-state, district offensive MVP, 1st-team all- east Texas.

JA: What have you been doing since football season ended?

MJ: I played basketball, where I made 1st-team all-district. Right now, I'm running track, doing the triple jump, long jump and running the mile relay.

JA: Gilmer high school was 13-1 last season losing to Atlanta in the playoffs. What do you think about this coming season?

MJ: We lost a lot of guys this season, but the players we have coming up are real good. I think we can win district again. We'll have to wait and see.

Numbers to weigh per Johnson: "Bench: 225, Squat: 305 and 85 receptions for 1,400 Yards and 15 TDs."

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