Spring Practice Report 3/27

Spring workouts kicked into high gear as players wore pads for the first time during spring practice. With pads on, the intensity level took another step in the right direction.

It didn't take long for the hits to start coming once the players put their pads on for Saturday's practice. Antonio Huffman was hitting like a linebacker during the cornerbacks' tackling drills. After a couple of solid hits, Huffman ran over a fellow cornerback while carrying the ball. The defensive backs kept up the hits in skeleton drills, including a brutal hit that saw SirDon Lewis take out Jonnie Mack on an incomplete pass. The play ignited an exchange of words between the defensive backs and wide receivers. The intensity level from the defensive backs is something that has been missing in the past. The new found swagger of the defensive backs should give them a mental edge once the season gets here.

The linemen, linebackers, and running backs got into the hitting action once the running drills started. Keyunta Dawson looked pretty impressive, finding his way into the backfield more often than not. Duckett was his usual self, sneaking through the line fairly often. Ken Scott had a good showing in the interior. On the linebacker front things are looking good. Saldi, Smith, and Stratton all had good days. On the offensive side of the ball things looked good as well. Texas Tech may pass most of the time, but that doesn't mean they don't work just as hard on their run blocking. The line was getting a good surge, though they did have some problems with a few of the stunts used by the defense.

The quarterback competition continued today with Robert Johnson splitting snaps with Cumbie in the skeleton drills. Johnson had a couple of notable plays in today's practice. the first was a deep pass to Nehemiah Glover during one on one drills. Johnson managed to throw a perfect ball to a tightly covered Glover. On the second play Johnson showed his accuracy while running. Johnson has the ability to throw the ball without breaking stride, a skill that makes the young quarterback a big threat to opposing defenses. Cumbie had a solid day as well, though he was throwing more short balls than during the past couple of days. This is definitely a two man race right now, and it has to be considered neck and neck with just three days of practice in the books.

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