Spring Practice Report 3/29

The Texas Tech defense came to the fore front in the fourth day of spring workouts. Could Mike Leach finally have a defense to go with his stellar offense?

The practice got off to a quick start with a four station hitting drill. All of the defensive players moved through the stations, which featured one on one hitting drills, in rapid succession. Antonio Huffman made stood out in these fast paced drills. Huffman made several good hits, eliciting numerous accolades from the defensive coaches. Huffman seems to be getting a lot of mention as a strong hitter, so it will be interesting to see where he fits into the defense. Right now he should definitely be considered one of the top four defensive backs on the team, which should make him a starter in the fall. Overall the intensity was excellent for the defense, and the quick start to the practice gave the defense an added level of effort that carried through the entire workout.

The defense followed up the strong start by taking charge in the running game drills. the running drills started out physical, and quickly got emotional as Patrice Majondo-Mwamba and Josh Morris had a confrontation that ended up causing a ruckus that involved most of the players participating in the drill. Things were quickly sorted out, and the players continued on in their drills. It's great to see the defense playing with such passion in the spring. Hopefully this fire can transfer into the actual season.

Special teams drills were highlighted by the punt coverage drills. The drill, featuring two blockers and a single gunner, saw some of the most physical action of the day. The most physical of the bunch were Antonio Huffman and Jarrett Hicks, but for the most part every blocker showed great effort, and truly seemed to enjoy the drill. There was a casualty though, as Pat Manning got the worst of the final run of the drill, but a quick tape job and Manning was ready to play.

The live scrimmage also saw some impressive action. Addell Duckett made his presence felt early by knocking down a Sonny Cumbie pass at the line of scrimmage. Brock Stratton followed up Duckett's play with a big hit on running back Taurance Rawls. Fletcher Session got into the action with by getting a tackle for a loss later on in the scrimmage. Later in the scrimmage Clay McGuire had the move of the day as he juked a diving John Saldi near the sideline. The play followed some talk between the two players. The offensive play of the day was made by Cody Fuller. Fuller caught the ball and lowered his shoulder to run over SirDon Lewis near the sideline. Robert Johnson also got to show some of his scrambling ability in the scrimmage. The defense didn't seem to be pleased with the newcomer trying to scramble though. Mike Smith knocked down the junior quarterback on his first rushing attempt. The play led to a retaliatory hit by the offensive line on the following play. Johnson definitely has some speed though. The quarterback doesn't seem to be running very fast, but before you know it he is gliding past defenders. Johnson also showed some nice moves towards the end of the scrimmage. While not Taurean Henderson quick, Johnson will be able to make people miss.


S Vincent Meeks did not practice due to a hamstring injury.

DT Fred Thrweatt participated in drills for the first time this spring. Thrweatt had been nursing a hamstring injury.

Record setting quarterback B.J. Symons was in attendance today, as was former receiver, Carlos Francis.

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