Junior Report: Aldine DE Jeremy Pomares-Hollins

The month of May can tell you a few things in recruiting. Like who might be interested in a prospect since college coaches are allowed to call and talk to any high school footballer they have a number on. We caught up with Aldine DE <b>Jeremy Pomares-Hollins</b> who said "OU called but I wasn't at home" to see who might be looking at him. One in state school he's hoping to hear from in the month of May? The Texas Tech Red Raiders...

Jeremy Pomares-Hollins, a member of our Texas Hot 100, projects as a linebacker, 3-4 "rush" linebacker and maybe even as a DE.

The Aldine DE said Oklahoma was the only school to call thus far. But added, "the Sooners, Jayhawks, Baylor, UT and Duke have been by the school."

At this point, Jeremy is wide open but he'd love to hear from the Scarlet and Black.

"I really like Texas Tech because I can major in architecture," he said. "If I can't make it in the NFL, I've always dreamed of being able to build my home, so Texas Tech is the only in-state school I'm considering because they have my major."

"Plus," Pomares-Hollins continued, "I like their team. And I could see them winning a national championship in another year or two."

And after that?

"I'd probably be leaning toward going out-of-state," said the Aldine senior-to-be. "I like the Sooners. I like the Jayhawks. I don't know. I like anyone interested in me, I guess."

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