Aldine Eisenhower OT Andrew Johnson

While Texas HS football recruitniks may be familiar with the Aldine Ike standouts <b>Paul Freeney</b> and <b>Wymon Alexander</b> you don't want to forget <b>Andrew Johnson</b> who we invited to the Houston TI-MSL camp and ended up ranking as one of the top three OL in attendance. He presently holds two offers, one courtesy of the Texas Tech Red Raiders...

Andrew Johnson, a 6-3/6-3.5, 265-pounder, said he recently landed offers from "Texas Tech and Northwestern State."

Asked about the offer from Texas Tech, Johnson said, "I'm really considering the Red Raiders as one of my top teams. In fact, I would have to say that they are No. 1 right now."

"I like the way they're recruiting me," Johnson continued, "And I like the success they've had. There are three big schools in Texas and they're one of them."

Both Ruffin McNeill and Robert Anae have been assigned to recruit the Aldine Ike OT.

"They said I have the ability to play either guard or tackle."

Other teams Johnson is looking at?

"Kansas, North Carolina and Arkansas."

And if those schools were to offer?

"Well, I think I'd still like Texas Tech the best. Those three schools are out of state and I may want to stay closer to home."

Thoughts on his first big offer coming from the Big 12?

"It felt really good," Johnson said, "But I know I have to work hard to get better. If I do that, then everything will fall in place."

Texas Tech is in tremendous shape with this OL prospect...

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