Junior Update: LaShawn Vation

Teammates <b>Brent Nickerson</b> and <b>LaShawn Vation</b> each cover half of the field for Irving Macarthur. After speaking with Brent yesterday, we wanted to talk with LaShawn to find out if there is a possibility of those two continuing their football career together at Texas Tech.

"My current top five is Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, TCU, Tulsa, and Mississippi State," said Vation.

Vation said that his current leader is OSU but was planning on visiting Texas Tech this week to find out more about the Red Raiders.

What does LaShawn like about his top 2 choices?

OSU: "They run a very similar defense to what we run at my high school so I think I could make a pretty fast transition there," said Vation.

Texas Tech: "I know it's a good school but I don't know much else about them," said Vation. "I'll know a lot more about them after I visit them this week."

Vation mentioned that the coaching staffs at both Tulsa and TCU have impressed him.

What does he like about MSU?

"I basically like MSU because it's close to home," said Vation. "I really don't hear much from them though."

We'll keep you apprised of any breaking news concerning LaShawn.

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