Eric Childs Talks ABout His Visit to Lubbock

We spoke to <b>Eric Childs</B> last week and found out that the Red Raiders were not only in his top five, but that he was headed to Lubbock to check out the facilities as well. What did Childs think of his trip to the Hub City?

"The entire trip went really smoothly," said Childs. "Coach Simmons gave us a tour of the campus and the football offices, then to some of the newer academic buildings."

What impressed Childs the most?

"Probably the weight room," said Childs. "They have a state of the art weight room with everything you need in one area."

Childs mentioned that the newly-built press box at Jones-SBC Stadium, didn't go unnoticed.

"We got to go up in the press box, into the suites and pretty much all over the stadium," said Childs. "I was very impressed with all of the facilities."

So where do the Red Raiders rank in his top five?

"Right now, Tulsa has a narrow lead over Texas Tech, followed by Iowa, Colorado State, and Kansas State," said Childs.

According to Childs, the way Tulsa ran their defensive drills impressed him. When is he planning on making a commitment?

"The original plan was to commit in September sometime," said Childs. "I'm hoping to try and stay with that plan but, I'm not sure if it will happen."

We'll keep you up to date on any changes in Childs recruitment.

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