McKinner Dixon Update

<b>McKinner Dixon</b> has emerged this year as one of the most highly sought after recruits in the country, with powerhouse programs battling it out just to get into his top 5. Has his top 5 changed since the last time we talked?

"No, I still have the same top 5 right now," said Dixon. "Texas Tech, Kansas State, Texas, LSU and Oklahoma round out my top 5."

McKinner did mention however that K-State had made strides recently.

"I like K-State a lot but I just don't hear from them as much as I do from other schools like Tech," said Dixon. "I hear a lot about them from my former teammate, Aaron Darks, and I trust him when he tells me it's a good program and a great school."

McKinner did say that K-State could move ahead of Tech if they showed him the same amount of interest the Red Raiders do. That being said, he also reiterated that he will not be an early commitment to any school.

"I won't make my decision until after I've taken all of my visits and evaluated each school," said Dixon.

So what will be the deciding factors in his final decision?

"We it's a combination of a lot of things," said Dixon. "The school I choose will have to be a good program where I can make a difference on defense early, get a good education and play in nice facilities."

If any news breaks on Dixon, we'll let you know.

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