Junior Report:Brian West

Beaumont Ozen DT <b>Brian West (6-4 260)</b> is another one of the guys that the Texas Tech coaching staff feels can make a difference up front. The last time we spoke to Brian, he said Texas Tech and Auburn were neck and neck in a battle for his top spot in a race that will likely end with an early commitment. Has there been any change?

"Well not really," said West. "I was planning on visiting Auburn a few weeks ago but was unable to leave because my grandmother was ill."

Thankfully, West's grandmother has recovered and that has Brian back out on the recruiting trail. What do his plans entail?

"Well I still want to head out to Auburn prior to the start of school," said West. "Then I plan on heading out to Lubbock sometime during September."

West said that his mother is favoring Auburn at the moment.

"My mom watched the Auburn-West Virginia game last year and it went into overtime with Auburn eventually pulling it out," said West. "She liked the way Auburn played and she really liked Cadillac Williams."

So what is it that is going to be the deciding factor in his decision?

"I want to go to a university with a good business program and get a good education," said West. "I already know that Texas Tech has a good business program and I want to see what Auburn has to offer." What has Brian been doing to improve himself for the upcoming season? "I've been doing a lot of cardio and lifting weights," said West. "I've put on ten pounds of muscle and increased my bench press to 350 which was my goal for the summer."

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