California Gunslinger Talks Recruiting

Think of any major football program in the country and the odds are pretty good that they've offered California Oceanside gunslinger Derek Shaw (6-3, 215). Like most great quarterbacks, Shaw likes to throw the ball; A lot. No one throws the ball around more than Mike Leach's Red Raiders, so is Shaw interested in Texas Tech?

Texas Tech is just one of 35 to 40 schools with offers extended to Shaw, so what does he think of the Red Raiders chances?

"I haven't really narrowed down my list at all," said Shaw. "But I can tell you that I am interested in Texas Tech."

Shaw said he discovered Texas Tech after searching for the colleges who threw the ball the most.

"Texas Tech was number one on the list for throwing the ball, so I cut a tape and sent it to them," said Shaw.

It didn't take long for coach Sonny Dykes and the Red Raiders to extend an offer to Derek. Despite the success that Shaw enjoyed as a junior, all of this recruiting attention has caught him off guard.

"It was a shock to receive all of the offers that I've received," said Shaw, who literally finds offers nearly everyday. "We found two offers in my mail file that I didn't even know I had received."

There's no doubt that the offers will continue to roll in with the potential that Shaw has.

"I know that Derek has the size, frame and potential to play in the NFL," said Dick Enright, Shaw's grandfather, who's coached football at every level from high school to the pros. "The key for him is to make a decision that he will be comfortable with for the next four years."

Enright mentioned that Shaw was impressed with Sonny Dykes approach to recruiting.

"I really like Texas Tech a lot," said Shaw. "I like coach Dykes and I'm comfortable with him as well as Mike Leach."

Shaw said the offense the Red Raiders run and their recruiting style has heightened his interest in Texas Tech. According to Shaw, the Red Raiders have a recruiting style all of their own.

"They actually sent me a love poem as a joke," said Shaw. "It was pretty funny."

With recruits with as many offers as Derek, official visits are at a premium. Shaw already has one official visit planned for Michigan State.

"I've met their (MSU) offensive coordinator and I like what they run plus I was comfortable with him," said Shaw. "I also heard nothing but good things about their program."

Will Texas Tech have a chance at getting Derek to visit Lubbock?

"They have a real good shot, but I have to narrow down my list before I can say for sure," said Shaw. "I plan on narrowing my list in about a week from now."

We'll catch up with Derek again in a week when he narrows his list.

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