Texas Tech Football Media Day

Texas Tech football veterans Adell Duckett and Cody Campbell accompanied Head Coach Mike Leach at today's press conference. Duckett addressed various questions about the defensive outlook for this season.

Senior Defensive End Adell Duckett Expectations of Defensive End/New Guys: "Defense has been working hard this summer. We are expecting big things out of everybody because our defense can't get any worse. Everybody who plays is coming back and we are all a year older, different mentality in those who are playing this year…we took big strides this spring."

On Injuries: "You never expect to get injured and you hope it never happens and I have grown from experiencing that. I'm praying for a healthy season, I don't want to be missing practice, it is not something I enjoy doing. Some people might think I would, it's nothing you look forward to and God-willing I'll be at practice everyday this year."

Double teaming/guarding: "If teams want to do that it is fine. I am excited about new the defensive ends. If they do double team me that will open up opportunities for others. They'll come to realize they need a balancing act and they can't avoid it. I'll let teammates make plays."

Leader of the defense: "Mike Smith has done a great job with vocal leadership. He holds his own defensive meetings and he's going to be a great defensive leader. He's been captain before he's a very important part of defense."

Senior Offensive Guard Cody Campbell

On The Off-season: "Off-season went really well and this is the best summer we've had since I've been here. I don't know if you know but workouts are voluntary and in the past only half the guys have been showing up. This summer everybody has shown up and it's everybody everyday working hard. Best off-season we've ever had."

QB position: "They both work hard, Robert is an incredible athlete. Sonny is a little more refined and more familiar with the system. Sonny is really well-respected on the team and we have a lot of respect for his work ethic. Sonny has run with the first offense all summer long."

"They are both great QB's but they both have different styles. Sonny is a pocket passer, trying to break down the coverage while Robert is going to make plays. It is going to change the offense and it'll be interesting to see what happens. Either way we are going to be good and either one of them would start anywhere in the country. We kind of have a good problem."

QB affecting offensive line: "We have a lot of confidence in both of them. It will change the blocking because you know exactly where Sonny is going to be at all times and you know exactly where to set leverage to. With Robert you have to be more aware of what is going on around you. He can avoid rushes, so it is different but we know how to do both so it is not that big of a deal."

On the play of Taurean Henderson: "He gets plenty of respect from us. He's amazing. He can catch the ball and run. He's an incredible athlete and he has great vision."

Head Coach Mike Leach

On the quarterback situation: "We'll figure something out first week, nothing has changed, point of spring give best guys and furthest along the tools they needed to maximize off season between spring and camp. I know that they have all been productive with their time and when we get to camp we are going to have to make quick decisions, for no more then a week we'll look at all 3 of them, somebody will get 2/3 reps somebody will get 1/3 reps and we'll go from there."

"In situation with Kliff (Kingsbury) his sophomore, based on his experience it was well declared, he was going to be hard to catch, similar situation prior to BJ's (Symons) year. Sonny fought hard, Hodges to some degree; Sonny is the most polished and Robert has picked things up quickly and has been playing on the field for the last 2 years, then we have Cody Hodges who does some good things. It will be who made the most of things between spring and camp is the guy who will be it. We have to see who it looks but we don't have a lot of time, we make the best decision we can, we hope we make the right one, everybody has good days and bad days but we are going to have to make a decision."

Robert Johnson: "Robert does have a redshirt year and if he does not start we will definitely look at redshirting. He has picked things up quickly. He has played for the last two years and has more immediate experience on the field. But, Cumbie is experienced in our system."

On the receivers: "We worry about what we lost in experience and we have to find the best eight guys and the best position for these eight guys. How do we get the best eight on the field? There are some guys who did good things this year and talent wise we are very good this year we have a lot of speed, biggest group of receivers I've ever coached. We try to get them at the best starting point we can, we can't move guys without confusing them."

On Nehemiah Glover: "Playing H, real savvy guy, he's one of the most experienced players out there and real heads up as that goes and he's a pretty good guy to get the ball too a lot, he's not far from breaking the touchdown record around here."

Leaning any way QB: "I'm excited about both of them and what they bring to the table and what they can do. We will see where it's at when the time comes, look at them and see where they're at. Sonny has worked hard, Robert in best situation if he starts this year he's not going to be impatient and if he doesn't start this year he's going to be a better player when he steps back on the field after redshirt year instead of throwing him out there now. Hodges has two years but no redshirt year; it's a competitive situation; we have good people doing it and I wish we could stick 3 people in there but we can stick one in"

Marquis Johnson: "Right now a Z, but I don't know…he's always played outside, he's a real fluid guy but he has skills outside. He's a big guy and it's tempting to put him inside… may go Y or H… good question, totally incapable of answering until we are allowed to coach him directly."

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