Fuller on Juggling Football, Baseball

For Texas Tech wide receiver Cody Fuller, there is no offseason. The junior also commands the Red Raider baseball team's outfield as the starting centerfielder.

For Texas Tech wide receiver Cody Fuller, there is no offseason. The junior also commands the Red Raider baseball team's outfield as the starting centerfielder.

"The coaches have been really flexible. I couldn't ask for anything more. We have had some minor scheduling conflicts with practice in the spring. Football takes precedence when it comes down to practice, but baseball games take precedence over spring football practice," said Fuller.

The two positions have a few similarities, including going horizontal at top speed. And while Fuller battles the sun and the outfield fence during the spring, his nemesis on the football field is any cornerback with number 24 on the mind.

Football Strength and Conditioning Coach Bennie Wylie has revamped Fuller's workout routine to include a few cross training exercises that improve his performance on the baseball diamond as well.

"He [Wylie] gave me some stuff I've never done. Instead of doing an upper body routine on a flat bench, I use a bosu ball. It improves my flexibility and strengthens the muscles in my forearms," he said.

Improving physical strength isn't the only variable Fuller has worked on during the summer.

"Playing smart and playing fast. I got a chance to make some plays last year. Knowing I've got the confidence to make plays helps me relax and make it happen."

He notes his ability to be consistent on the field as his greatest strength, and adds that watching film has been helpful.

"For a wide receiver in this offense, watching film is huge. You read the defenses and know exactly how you're going to run your pattern. It gives you the confidence that you're doing the right thing," Fuller added.

Like many of his fellow teammates, Fuller has a particular pregame routine he follows before heading onto the field.

"I don't listen to music. I don't wear headphones. I like to make sure I look good before I go out there. I gotta have the tape on- have everything perfect."

The Z receiver is taking this season one game at a time, beginning with SMU.

"I know that sounds cliché, but that's how we have to treat it," said Fuller.

Here's a look at Cody Fuller off the field. The Smithson Valley native is quite the outdoorsman.

"I was raised that way. I like to hunt and fish, and will go dove hunting as soon as September 1 rolls around," he said.

His biggest feat in camouflage occurred two years ago when he landed a ten-point whitetail with a twenty-five inch spread. The buck scored a 157 on the Boone & Crockett Club scoring system, just shy of the record books for those of you who know deer.

Fuller summed up the deer story by saying, "It's a big deal," followed by a big smile.

The Texas Tech football tradition runs deep in the Fuller household. Cody's father, Kenny Fuller, was a member of the football squad from 1974-1978, and younger brother Lance is a member of the Red Raider's 2004 recruiting class.

"It's nice having my brother out there. He was recruited by several other schools and decided to come to Tech late in the recruiting process, so it's nice to have him here."

Fuller's favorite restaurant is Cagle's Steakhouse, where he's known to order the twenty-one ounce ribeye. Fuller also has great taste in music. He enjoys listening to George Strait and has been spotted doing the two-step around town.

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