The Man Who Has Changed Everything

A year and a half ago, Texas Tech University's athletic department hired a man who has changed the face of Red Raider football. Bennie Wylie's strength and conditioning program has clearly improved the appearance of last year's squad.

In a day where university athletics has become big business and winning is a must, every school is looking for that extra edge to help bring home a championship. For many at Texas Tech, strength and conditioning coach Bennie Wylie is that missing link.

In only his second year at Tech, Wylie has completely revamped the strength and conditioning program by tailoring a workout plan and diet for each player. Leading by example is a key component for Coach Wylie.

"I try to work hard everyday and do things to the best of my abilities. I just hope that same type of thing has rubbed off on the guys."

Competition is one of Bennie's biggest motivators.

"I hate to lose," remarks Wylie. "I don't care if its ping pong in the lounge with the guys, but I just hate to lose and we want to do everything we can do to win, especially on the football field."

Bennie Wylie understands competition at the collegiate rank because he has been there as a player. After starting at tailback for Sam Houston State University during the mid- 1990's, he recalls the motivation and drive a player must have to compete at the collegiate level.

"My position coach Bob Rylie was a great old-school Irish guy. He coached hard, but was always fair. It was always about how much we loved the game with him," Wylie recalls.

It makes sense that Wylie wants to see our guys bigger, faster and more agile on the field this season. He loves the game and wants others to feel the same way.

According to senior quarterback Sonny Cumbie, this summer was the most important time of training for the Tech athletes. But who worked the hardest?

"It would be unfair for me to pick just one guy. There were so many guys that worked hard and improved, that was the best thing about it. We had 100 percent attendance from the whole team and everyone improved not only as individuals, but as a team," said Wylie.

So how do discipline and motivation go hand-in-hand?

"Everything you do both in season and during the offseason in the weight room carries onto the field. If you work hard and create good habits you will do the same thing during a game. Discipline is absolutely key and showing them the right way to do things is what I hope to do. I just try to provide a good environment for the guys to work in so they have the opportunity to improve," Wylie added.

So how do the players like Bennie Wylie's program?

"As an offensive line, we are all a lot stronger and we owe it all to him. Just by looking at his physique is enough to know where he is coming from. I think that he has helped a lot," remarked offensive lineman Daniel Loper.

Wylie's goal is to make Tech players bigger, faster and more agile that any other players in the Big XII. Only through discipline and devotion will we get there and in turn bring the Big XII title to Lubbock.

For those who are interested, go to and click on "Weight Room Records" to view the all-time records for Texas Tech University strength and conditioning.

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