Leach Challenges QB Critics

As voiced at this week's press conference, Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach has a challenge for those critical of his starting lineup choices. "All the experts who think they know how to coach quarterbacks, they ought to go get them a team, and start coaching some of them and we'll see how theirs turn out," he stated.

Leach continued, commenting on current starting quarterback Sonny Cumbie and adding B.J. Symons and Kliff Kingsbury into the mix.

"There (are) definitely things [Cumbie] can improve on. He's like every one of them I've had in the past. I was never totally satisfied with any of them," he added.

Leach claims there is very little difference between his current play caller and those who have held the position in the past.

"It's like some of these folks are spoiled. They remember Kliff's last year, then B.J.'s year, and they act like there weren't any rough spots. We had rough spots with all of them," he remarked.

"First of all, Kliff's year, no one was even sure he could play quarterback anyway. Well then, it turns out he can. And then it turns out he has a pretty good year. Then the perception is as well, it will be impossible to replace him. That's probably the last of the great quarterbacks. Woe is Texas Tech."

"Then, as it turns out, to the delight of everyone, B.J. Symons could play quarterback as well. Then B.J. leaves and it's like, of course [Cumbie] will be a great quarterback. This guy will walk on water right out of the gates. So they go from ‘it's impossible' to ‘of course he's going to be an NFL Hall of Famer' the day he steps out onto the field. I guess that goes with the territory. I think with B.J. they were pleasantly surprised and if Joe Namath were here there would be a certain level of disappointment just because now there's a level of expectation. Both of those quarterbacks are tough acts to follow and everyone tends to remember their last game instead of their first three games. [Cumbie's] right on pace and he's doing fine."

The coach also had a few things to say about Cumbie's performance on Saturday, keeping his head in the game despite being under fire.

"The one thing he does- in particular in this last game when there was a lot of adversity- never hit that panic button. He was still coachable and clear headed there till the end, which I thought was really good. I've had guys in the past panic and self-destruct. You still have to play the next down. I think he's really good with that."

When questioned about possibly adding another quarterback into the rotation, Leach was adamant.

"No. It's interesting, folks that have never met Sonny or the other quarterbacks on our team, but seem to have quite a bit of expertise on them, so I'll defer to my own judgment," he concluded.

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