Texas Tech Ready For Vince/Chance

Scoring 140 points over a month's span of games can be considered pretty good offensive production. However, Tech has managed to score 140 points in just two weeks worth of offensive production this season.

In both its home games in 2004, Tech has tallied 70 points apiece against TCU and Nebraska. Although playing in your home stadium in the college football world is known to give an advantage, the word advantage takes on a whole new meaning when the Red Raiders play in Lubbock.

"The whole energy of our team playing in front of their own is a big deal," head coach Mike Leach said. "I think Jones Stadium is one of the toughest places to play."

Since the start of the 2002 campaign, Tech is 12-2 at Jones SBC Stadium.

Tech's success when at home is due partly to the level of energy Jones lets off on a Saturday. Some feel that energy only increases when the game is at night.

"Personally I think we play well at night, obviously we play well at home," cornerback Antonio Huffman said. "The atmosphere is going to be great, it's sold out already."

The Raiders are known around the Big XII for a team that is terribly hard to beat in Lubbock. You know when a team like UT comes to the door, big things are sure to follow.

"Can they still beat us? No. It's not a question in my mind," Huffman added. "I don't think Texas can beat us, playing at home, the way the team's been progressing this year. I don't think anyone in the country can beat us."

This week the Longhorns have had a mini-quarterback controversy so to speak. After being knocked out in the first half of last week's 28-20 victory over Missouri, Vince Young sat while Chance Mock finished up, and despite a rough outing, looked like the possible starter this week against Tech.

Reports say that Young will take the snaps to start for Texas.

Linebacker Fletcher Session said that any quarterback UT throws at Tech is dangerous. Session said both have the ability to hurt Tech and they just have to prepare for both.

"A game like this is where we get our respect," Session said.

Tech is starting to gain the respect of its Big XII foes from Austin. The last time the Longhorns paid a visit was in 2002. They made the trip only to be sent back in poor condition. The Raiders won that game 42-38.

Senior quarterback Sonny Cumbie is making his first career start against Texas. After waiting patiently behind quarterbacks Kliff Kingsbury and B.J. Symons, Cumbie wants to make the most of his opportunity.

"I've waited five years to play every one of these games," Cumbie said. "Every one of them is just as big as the last one and just as big as the next one. It's exciting, it's another home game, a chance to play in front of our crowd. I'm glad we have them (Texas) here in Lubbock."

One "tradition" being missed of late is those precious tortillas some Tech fans chose to throw on the field during games. Cumbie knows the students will be rowdy and hinted to some possible tortilla action this Saturday.

"I don't think the students care if [the tortilla ban] has been uplifted or not," Cumbie said. "I wish it would be uplifted, because I think tortillas are one of the safer things you can throw onto the field."

Don't miss a second of the action this Saturday night. The game starts at 6 p.m. and will be nationally televised on TBS.

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