Setencich Talks Kansas State

Coming off a 51-21 loss to an in-state rival is tough. However, if the Red Raiders are looking to get back to their winning ways, they must get focused and have their mind solely on the Kansas State Wildcats.

This Saturday, Tech will travel to Manhattan – a traditionally hard place to play in the Big XII Conference. The Wildcats may be having a slower start than they may have hoped for, but they still present numerous obstacles to Tech's defense.

Defensive coordinator Lyle Setencich said that the defense has worked hard throughout the year and has continued to do so this week in practice.

"They have to put the Texas game behind them," Setencich said, "It's done and over with."

Tech has already faced two of the premier running backs in the nation: Adrian Peterson for Oklahoma and Cedric Benson for Texas. Tech lost both of those games as the running backs ran for a combined 314 yards and two touchdowns.

Tech and its 80th ranked rushing defense in the nation now get a chance at redemption as they will face the ninth leading rusher in the nation: Darren Sproles.

As a senior for the Wildcats, Sproles has run for over 4500 yards in his career. So far this season Sproles has run for 853 yards on 170 carries and five touchdowns.

Setencich speaks with nothing but respect for the 5'7" running back.

"He's difficult. He's a tiny guy, kind of like a water bug," said Setencich. He makes big plays by just being really quick. He's very tough. He can stop on a dime, cut, then redirect. He's a very good player."

This week Bill Snyder, coach of the Wildcats, announced that regular starting quarterback Dylan Meier will be starting against Tech. Meier did not play in the Kansas State 45-21 victory over the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Meier suffered a concussion late in the game against Oklahoma Sooners.

Despite last week's performance demonstrated by Texas quarterback Vince Young, Snyder is placing his more athletic, sophomore quarterback Alan Webb to the bench. Last week Webb threw 13-21 for 117 yards and also ran for 145 yards on 34 carries for four touchdowns.

Setencich said even though Meier is getting the start, they are both similar, and have to be ready for either.

"We just have to prepare," Setencich said. "They can run the draw, the power, the post, the screen with either player."

Setencich expects no major changes to the defensive lineup this Saturday but says players like Charlie Glover, Fletcher Session, Dwayne Slay and Brent Slaughter will probably see increasing minutes due to their continued improvement on the field.

Tech will play its fifth road game of the year this Saturday in Manhattan, Kansas. Tune into the action on FSN at 6 p.m.

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