Brian West Returns From Lubbock Official

Caught up with Beaumont Ozen DT <b>Brian West</b>, a soft verbal commitment to the Texas Tech Red Raiders, who took his official visit to Lubbock this weekend. We grabbed his thoughts on the visit, the game, as well as whether or not his verbal to Tech could be described as a solid one…<p>

"I really liked it up there," Brian West told "I've been up there before on an unofficial visit and really liked it then, so I knew I was going to have a great time up there again. I just felt real comfortable with it, and with the coaches. And, I really liked the way the players reacted in their game against Oklahoma State. That was a big game for them, an up-tempo game that they had to win. And they brought it home. So, I really liked that."

Antonio Huffman was his player host and the Texas Hot 100 No. 75 said they hit-it-off really well.

"Oh, we got along really good," West revealed. "Me and him can really relate to one another. We had a good time. I like it up there."

West said he got in about 2:00 p.m. Friday and ate lunch and then went to his hotel room. He said he then hooked up with Huffman and they went to go play some Madden with a lot of people in a tournament.

"I was kind of tired so I didn't stay out too late, went back to the hotel to get some sleep."

After that the 6-3, 242-pounder went and had breakfast with team Saturday and then headed over to the academic center and met the Business Management professor.

"Then, we went to the game," West continued. "I went into the stands to watch the game and then I got to go down to the locker room. After that, went and got something to eat. And then we just had real good time hangin' out. It was real fun."

West said he got to meet with all of the defensive coaches, his D-line coach (Ruffin McNeill) as well as the head man himself…

"Oh, Mike Leach just told me that he was really glad to have me and when I come to be ready to play. He mostly just talked to me about the college and the program they have. You know, their program is on the rise."

Dean: Did that close the deal?

Brian West: Yes, sir. I would have to say that it did. But I want to talk everything over with my dad. You know, tell him how much I liked it, and tell him about everything. But I'm tellin' you, I liked it a lot up there and I really want to be a Red Raider.

Asked if there were any other schools he thought he might want to visit or if he thought his father might want him to take another official visit elsewhere, West said, "No, I've done seen everything that I need to see. I've seen Auburn already. Basically, I've seen the two best conferences and I think the Big 12 is the best. I want to play in the best conference. And most likely, I can tell you that I'm going to be a Red Raider. I really like it up there."

So, in essence, what remains before considering West 100 percent is a conversation with his father first…

"Yeah, I just want to sit down with my dad and talk to him about everything. But I really like Tech. I ain't going to lie, I really like it up there and that's where I want to go. Right now, I'm really wanting to just focus on getting my body ready and getting on the weights. I already know where I want to go. I just want to talk my dad about it."

West said he expects that he and his father will get together soon. He came across very sincere and genuine about wanting to talk things over with his dad, which is fully understandable. And he also gave the impression that his commitment to Tech is 90-95 percent solid…

"Give me till Wednesday. You have my cell phone. Call me. I'll be here."

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