What's The Latest On Todd Walker?

Pflugerville QB <b>Todd Walker</b> is one of the more interesting prospects in the state of Texas. Kid has over 25 offers and from some of the who's who of college football, such as Georgia Tech, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma and Miami, to name but a few. With his season over, and committed to Georgia Tech, can the Red Raiders snag him away from the Yellow Jackets? Or will <b>Chan Gailey</b> and Co. keep him in the Hive?<P>

We caught up with Todd Walker's brother Kirk Walker to check in and he gave us a few things to mull over as we await likely what will be one of the toughest decisions Todd will ever make. Make no mistake "Todd is 100 percent to Georgia Tech, until Todd says otherwise."

So, where do we begin in our attempt to assess the decision-making process Walker might be going through at this stage of the game?

"Basically, he's taken four official visits," Walker's brother said. "He took one to Purdue, A&M, Georgia Tech and Texas Tech. And, he's notified those four coaching staffs that it's Georgia Tech and one other school.

That one other school?

"That school would be Texas Tech. And, so they (coaches at A&M, GA Tech, Purdue, Texas Tech) all know the deal. He's only talking to Georgia Tech and Texas Tech."

"Last night," Walker continued, "The Texas Tech coaches made their in-home visit and tonight Georgia Tech will make their in-home visit. I imagine, Todd will want to think it over and could take a few days or maybe a week or two before he does anything. I don't really know. This is all Todd. I'm trying to stay out of it because I don't want to steer him wrong. But he really likes the coaching staffs at both Georgia Tech and Texas Tech. He likes both a lot. But he is committed to Georgia Tech and if he decides to stay with them, then he will call you and let you know. And, if he decides that he wants to go to Texas Tech, he will let you know."

Essentially, what it boils down to is it's a two-team race, with the top two teams receiving the in-home visit to make their closing arguments with regard to why their program is the place for Todd.

And, make no mistake, it is going to be a very difficult decision because the Texas Hot 100 #12 is really impressed with the coaching staffs at the two universities and how they have gone about recruiting him.

If he goes to GA Tech, he'll pursue a college future as a quarterback. If he heads to Texas Tech, it'll be his decision regarding which position he wants to play. According to Kirk, the Red Raider coaches have said they'll stick by his decision to play quarterback for them if he chooses to go to Lubbock to play QB. And, they'll also stick by his decision to play wide receiver if that's what he wants to do...

Kirk said that he thinks if Todd did decide to go to Lubbock that he would "probably" go there to play wide receiver. But then quickly added, "You just don't know with Todd. If he decided that he wanted to go to Texas Tech, and that he felt like he wanted to go in and compete for the QB position, then he would do that and may do that. But I think if he decides to go play QB, he'll stick with Georgia Tech. And, I think if he decides to go to Tech, he'll go there to play wide receiver."

"Again, I don't know what he's going to do because Todd has kept to himself about this," Walker continued. "But whatever he decides, we will be behind him 100 percent. He cannot go wrong with either school."

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