Brian West: Soft or Solid...

Recruitniks from Auburn and Texas Tech are keeping a close eye on Beaumont Ozen DT <b>Brian West</b> who remains in the Red Raider fold, albeit as a soft commitment. However, Texas Tech ace recruiter <b>Ruffin McNeill</b> made his way down to Beaumont for an in-home visit and we caught up with the Texas Hot 100 #75 to see what happened?<p>

"I was actually really tired when I got home and Coach McNeill was there when I got there," Brian West said. "I went into my room and accidentally fell asleep. And, when I woke up, he was already gone. He talked to my mom and dad for about an hour and 30 minutes. They really liked what he was sayin'. They told me that it's up to me. They both felt comfortable with him. My mom really felt comfortable with Coach McNeill, more than anyone she's talked to."

"So, basically, it's up to me," West continued. "I think I just want to think about it a little longer. If I had to decide right now, I think I'd have to say that's it's going to be Texas Tech."

A decision on whether he's 100 percent firm to Tech, or 100 percent to Auburn will come on January the 14th.

"I just want to sit down and go through all of the different spread sheets I have from all of the different colleges and go over it with my mom and dad and then I'll know January 14th what I'm going to do."

We'll be in touch with the 3-star DT and keep you abreast throughout...

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