James Pierce Talks Official Visit Agenda; Tech

Longview cornerback <b>James Pierce</b> took his first official visit, heading to Lubbock for a weekend of fun. We caught up with him last night to get the details and where he stands today toward making his college decision.

"It was nice down there," James Pierce talking about his official visit to Lubbock said. "I liked it. Actually, I loved it as matter of fact."

At this time, he has decided to take a few more official visits before pulling the trigger.

"No, I did not commit yet," Pierce said. "I'm going to TCU this weekend (12/10) with Corderra Hunter. And, then we'll probably go to Kansas State and Tennessee."

That said, Pierce did admit that the Red Raiders are going to be especially hard to beat out...

"I just had such a great time hangin' out with the players," said the Texas Hot 100 No. 95. "They're just a good group of guys. I liked hangin' with Vincent Meeks (player host). He was cool. They're all real cool. I loved it."

Pierce, the 6-0, 185-pound corner said he also grabbed some face-time with Red Raider head man Mike Leach. "He showed me some card tricks and taught me how to do the best one," Pierce said.

Asked about their upcoming bowl game against top-5 opponent Cal, he said, "I think my boys (Texas Tech) might take them. Actually, I got a lot of faith in my Red Raiders. I think they're going to win. We all (Red Raider football team) watched them play, ate some barbecue and watched the other college games this weekend."

"If they can get to that bowl game (Holiday Bowl)," Pierce continued, "Then I know they can get higher than that. We just have to improve the defense."

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