Nick Richmond Talks Faves, Official Visits & More

We caught up with South Garland OT <b>Nick Richmond</b> to get the 411 on which teams he has tops on his list heading into his official visit tour. We also grabbed his thoughts on his top four and what he's looking for when he takes his officials...

"My top teams are TCU, Texas Tech, Baylor and Arkansas," Nick Richmond told

Official Visit Agenda?

"I'm going to TCU this weekend (12/10), Texas Tech December 17th, Baylor January 14th and Arkansas January 21st," said the Texas Hot 100 No. 65.

At this point, the Horned Frogs have the early lead on Richmond's list of faves....

Dean: Thoughts on TCU?

Richmond: They just have a good, hard-workin' program. They didn't go to a bowl game this year, but they've been very consistent and should bounce back. It's close to home, so my parents can come and see me play. They can even catch a couple of games on T.V. too...

Dean: Texas Tech...

Richmond: That would be taking a bigger step. They're in the Big 12 and that's a tough conference to play in. Also, they're close to home too. I'd hate to be 8-10 hours away from home. But they're not too far away. Texas Tech has a great program, I like the coaches and they have a shot.

Dean: Baylor?

Richmond: Well, it's close to my deer lease. And, it's kind of nice down there. I enjoy makin' that drive from Garland to Waco. And, it ain't that long of a drive, so they're real close to home.

Dean: Arkansas...

Richmond: All of my relatives live in Arkansas. So, I'd be close to them. If any thing ever happened, I'd have family really close by.

The 3-star OT prospect said out of the teams on his list, "Baylor and Arkansas" probably have the best chance to beat out TCU. However, he will go into his official visits with an open mind, which does give the Red Raiders a shot to land his commitment.

Asked what he's looking for on his official visits, the 6-7, 270-pounder said, "How the atmosphere is. How they got the school set up. And how nice the facilities are -- the weight room, and stuff like that. Really, I'm looking for somewhere it makes me feel at home."

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