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McKinner Dixon Considering Another Visit

With the lure of free official visit trips looking very appealing to those prospects who have already ended the suspense, we caught up with Texas Tech verbal <b>McKinner Dixon</b> to see if he's having any second thoughts about turning down those "mini-vacations", and which schools he might be looking at taking those to if not, not to mention a few other topics we addressed with the Texas Hot 100 #13…<p>

Dean: Did the Texas Tech coaches pay you an in-home visit?

McKinner Dixon: Yes, they did this week.

Dean: Who came in to see ya?

Dixon: Coach Lyle Setencich and Coach Bill Bedenbaugh.

Dean: What did they touch on?

Dixon: They were just talkin' about wanting me to come in ready. They want me to come in ready to start as a true freshman.

Dean: Talk a little bit about what led to your decision to end the suspense…

Dixon: Basically, it just feels like home there. I just got that feeling. That feeling that I fit in there.

Dean: Are you still sticking with the idea that you're not going to take any additional official visits?

Dixon: Well, I might take one. But it's probably not going to make a difference. I guess I'm kind of interested in taking an official visit. Basically, just to take one for a vacation.

Dean: Any particular school you're looking at visiting?

M.Dixon: No. Not really. Maybe Iowa State...Arkansas. But other than that, I'm pretty set on Texas Tech.

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