Chris Todd: In-Homes W/NCSU & TTU Head Coaches caught up with Elizabeth, Kentucky QB <b>Chris Todd</b> last night to see where he stands with regard to making his college decision. He talks head coach in-home visits regarding his top two choices (N.C. State and Texas Tech) and more…

Chris Todd has said all along that he would like to meet with the head coaches from both North Carolina State and Texas Tech.

"N.C. State will come in Tuesday so I haven't talked to Coach Chuck Amato yet," said the 3-star signal caller from Kentucky. But Texas Tech came in already."

The Red Raiders sent TTU head coach Mike Leach and TTU WR coach/Ace recruiter Sonny Dykes.

The visit with Coach Leach and Coach Dykes went pretty good," Todd said, "Got a lot of questions answered. They mostly went over everything with my family again about the schools, program, the football team and stuff like that."

As for when a decision might come, Todd said after meeting with Leach and then Amato tonight, he expects to make a decision in the immediate future. will stay on top of it and keep you guys abreast, so stay tuned because a decision is right around the corner…

Senior Season Stats: 3,200 yards, 38 TDs (against 6-7 INTs).

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