Ishie Oduegwu: Previews Final Three

Denton Ryan FS <b>Ishie Oduegwu</b> offers his thoughts on LSU, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, shortly before he's due to make his decision tonight or soon thereafter if he feels that he needs more time, but let's take you inside to see what he thinks of the top three programs reaming on his list…

Ishie Oduegwu, Texas Hot 100 #27, gives us a few words regarding his top three programs, LSU, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech.

On Oklahoma State: "I went down there and they really had their stuff together even with the coaching change and that was impressive."

Thoughts on primary OSU coach recruiting you?

"Ahh, Coach Meachem is a real cool coach. He's a real cool dude. And I get along with him great."

On Texas Tech: "Well, I committed there. And really liked it there. So, I'm just making sure that's where I still want to go."

Thoughts on primary TTU coach recruiting him?

"Coach Mainord, who would be my position coach, is recruiting me and he's just a real cool coach. I think if I were to go there, I'd work really well with him."

On LSU: "I took my official visit there (this past weekend) and had a good time. It's the same situation with all of my teams. I like all of them really well."

Thoughts on primary LSU coach recruiting you?

"Coach Mallory recruited me as a safety and looked past all of that stuff about me not being tall enough. And, said that he really liked the way I hit and really wanted me. I really have a good bond with him, and all of the coaches recruiting me."

Oduegwu, the 5-9, 185-pound free safety who hits like a Mac Truck, said he'll have his decision tonight.

Per Oduegwu, Mainord will be the last coach to make an in-home (will be making his in-home appearance tonight) to see him, though there were reports, just a couple of days ago, that Les Miles would be in last. At any rate, the DFW-area DB's final decision is expected very soon…

Stay tuned!

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