Max Emfinger Chat Transcript

Read the transcript from <b>Max Emfinger's</b> exclusive <b></b> chat on Tuesday, February 5.

Max: "There will be surprises tomorrow (Wednesday, February 6)."

Raidercoach: Good or bad?

Max: "GOOD."

Max: "Brandon Douglas is in."

TheLoop: What about Banks?

Max: "No one knows for sure on him. He told me tonight he's 50/50 between Tech and Arkansas."

Guest: What about Andrew Carnahan?

Max: "He will sign with Tech."

Max: "We will sign two Brandons tomorrow."

TheLoop: What is your impression of this class?

Max: "This class will stay in my Top 20 national rankings."

Alamoraider: Who is the other Brandon?

Max: "Brandon Jones, a 6-3, 295-pound offensive guard from Oregon."

RowdyRag: How soon will you know tomorrow who signs?

Max: "Every six guys.....I'll get a telephone call."

Mainevent: Max, who else was Brandon Jones looking at? It kind of surprises me that he would sign without taking an official visit. Does he have the grades?

Max: "He's a pretty good offensive lineman, who was commited somewhere else, but who originally hails from Texas."

KATech: How does the JUCO RB compare to other D-1 RBs?

Max: "Johnny Mack is an All-American on a national championship team. He could be awesome. I hope he is."

Guest12: What's the deal with Arline?

Max: "He's 50/50 between Tech and Baylor, but he may never play football again, because of his injury."

Guestsas: What about Tyler Smith?

Max: "Tyler had offers from Vandy, Kentucky and Memphis, but I don't know where he will go."

Mainevent: Max, should we expect Slaughter to be offered?

Max: "He is not in the mix."

Guest 12222: Will the two open scholarships be saved for next year?

Max: "We will not have any scholarships left. We will oversign by two or three."

Dfader: Who will get the partial?

Max: "Session is first on the bus. He is a real impact LBer."

TechPhan: What about Tim Norman, does he have the grades?

Max: "Yes, he's still got lots of work to do."

Max: "We are going to get Chris Hudler away from Houston. He's on my Texas All-State list. He's a 6-3, 265-pound offensive lineman from Mesquite. He may play center."

RowdyRag: Max, what time do you expect the first call detailing letters of intent received?

Max: "Mid-morning."

Max: "Krys Williams is another player from Mesquite who may sign with Tech tomorrow."

Max: "Williams, Brandon Douglas and Hudler are a three-pack. Williams will probably play safety."

Alamoraider: Are you going to run our site again next year?

Max: "I will do the recruiting for this site again or that's the plan for right now."

Spliff69: Where does Tech's class rank in the Big 12?

Max: "Middle of the pack in the ultra-talented Big 12 Conference."

Max: "It's been great chatting tonight. Good luck tomorrow. Thanks for supporting"

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